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Friday, December 20, 2013

Key Residential Featured in American Farmhouse Style

We are excited to announce that Key Residential's Caruth Master Bath Renovation will be featured in the upcoming 2014 issue of American Farmhouse Style Magazine. The room feature article by Erin Hatfield, "Rustic Respite", will be on p. 98-99 of the publication from the editors of Cottages & Bungalows. 

Look for it on newsstands soon!

Available for online purchase!

Many thanks to Becci Meier Architectural Services, Jason Osterberger Designs, LAIR Architectural + Interior Photography, and many other talented trade partners that contributed to this beautiful project!  

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Friday, December 13, 2013

3 Key Elements for Every Home Office

Check out our newest Houzz ideabook featuring Study & Home Office inspirations from remodels and custom homes done by Key Residential over the years. 

Though each project has it's own unique aesthetic, and these spaces certainly run the style gamut from sleek contemporary to adorned traditional, a few things remain constant in the perfect home office/study.

1. Adequate storage (for your specific needs)

Whether you have shelves and shelves of actual (i.e. ink on paper, not e) books, papers in manila file folders, stacks of photos, binders of recipes, stationary, important legal documents that need to be locked tight or even digital files, the right type and amount of storage is crucial for a home office.

2. Ample lighting (preferably natural)

A large bay of windows or strategically placed skylights offer a welcomed alternative to drab fluorescent lighting that you may be forced to deal with in a professional office setting. Aided by desktop and under-cabinet task lighting when necessary, a healthy dose of natural light will inspire creativity and increase productivity in your home office. 

3. Comfortable seating 

An ergonomic desk chair on casters may be just the ticket for someone who works from home  or manages a large household, while an upholstered wingback or leather lounge area will add the right amount of sophistication and class to a more formal study. Depending on how you use the space, your office may require different seating types, but always keep in mind, comfort is key. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Home Made for the Holidays

While the majority of your home decisions are based on the efficiency of your day-to-day routine for the 340+ "regular" day of the year, there are a few things to be considered  that pertain specifically to the holiday season. Whether you're shopping for a new home, or contemplating renovating your current one, below are four spaces that will help tailor your home for the holiday experience of your dreams

A Space for Holiday Feasts

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Whether you have a growing brood, in-laws & cousins from out of town, or a close-knit group of friends & neighbors, the holidays are a time when something as simple as having a meal becomes a large scale event. If a dedicated formal dining room with seating for 8 or more just isn't your style, consider a large kitchen table right at the heart of it all. Gate-leg, drop leaf or other expandable tables function throughout the year in their smaller format, growing to accommodate larger seasonal gatherings. 

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A Place to Wrap your Gifts 

As part of a home office, craft, or utility room, consider incorporating a gift wrapping station. With specialty storage for large rolls of paper, drawers for accessories & tools, and a large enough work surface to spread out your goodies, the hassles and headaches of gift wrapping may all but disappear. And while this space will no doubt become invaluable during the holidays, you may also find it frequented for storage and preparation of gifts throughout the year.  Check out some other great gift wrap inspiration spaces on Houzz.

A Space to Make Guests Feel at Home

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With friends & family traveling from far and wide, homes can reach maximum occupancy during the holidays. Having a spare bedroom (or a few) for guests is ideal. However, multipurpose or family rooms can also work in a pinch. Sofa beds, trundle beds or other expandable furnishings increase sleeping capacity without taking up precious space when not in use. Having privacy, adequate storage space, and access to a separate bath will also help your guest quarters feel a bit more homey.

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A Place to Gather and Stay Warm

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Nothing says the holidays like gathering about a crackling fire to share stories with friends & family while enjoying a mug of hot chocolate. Whether wood burning or gas, a fireplace is a wonderful addition to bring comfort to any home (not to mention that it doubles as an easy means of entry for a jolly old someone). If a traditional wood burning fireplace is right up your alley, consider incorporating a sizable firewood storage box into your surround design. This will reduce the number of trips into the chilly outdoors to restock. Also, if you're the type of holiday decorator that puts tinsel or greenery on anything that isn't a living, breathing member of the family, don't skimp on the mantel. A well adorned mantel is the true finishing touch for a wonderful holiday fireside experience.  Check out some other Key Residential fireplaces here
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And for when you're ready to get your home all decked out for the holidays, check out these Contractor's Secrets to Hanging Holiday Decor courtesy of Houzz