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Friday, August 14, 2015

Remodel in Progress: Master Bath Expansion in Plano

Key Residential recently started a remodel in Plano that includes an expansion of the upstairs master bathroom. The original bathroom was gutted and one wall has been pushed back to expand the room (and also create a nice shady patio for the homeowners below). The job has been going on for a few weeks now and is coming along nicely. Framing and roofing was completed this week so you can see where the new wall is now located. Check out some of the progress photos below and be sure to check back later for more updates.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Key Residential Goes International | Key Residential

It is often said that math is the universal language. But at Key Residential, we like to think that good design elements are also a universal language. Sure, different cultures and different people gravitate towards certain design styles, but if the website Houzz is anything to go by, then there are definitely some elements and designs that cross over regardless of overall design style. Check out some of the international Houzz articles that Key Residential has been featured in recently. And don't worry if you don't know the language the articles are written in, we got Google Translate to help us out in trying to figure out what each article features.


Decorating with strings or rope is an easy and unique idea that can be drawn into almost any design aesthetic. The Key Residential project shown in this article features a porch swing hung with rope that helps to complete the rustic aesthetic that the clients desired. Check out the full article here.


This article discusses having a feature color for a room. The article featured this Key Residential project that has a red accent wall. The color is further tied in to the room with the decorative accessories: pillows, bowl, and flowers. Check out the full article here.


Who doesn't enjoy the sounds of nature while relaxing at home? This French article focuses on how to develop an ecosystem around a pool or body of water. The Key Residential project featured includes a water basin surrounded by plant life to create a rustic look that most likely sees its fair share of birds and insect flying by. Check out the full article here.


This Russian article focuses on how to enjoy watching movies outside during the summer. As shown in the Key Residential project featured in the article, a covered terrace allows for a more permanent option for enjoying television or movies outside. It also has the added benefit of not having to move any furniture to set up for an outdoor movie showing. Check out the full article here.

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