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Thursday, March 14, 2013

What to Expect with Your Remodel?

What to Expect with Your Remodel?

Everyone hates the cliche- Expect the Unexpected. That's not even technically possible. So what can you expect with a remodel project?

Granted every remodel project is different in scale and scope, and we certainly cannot ever predict each obstacle that may appear during the process. There are a few things however that tend to remain constant throughout any project.

There will be dust. 

Somehow a fine film of dust will descend upon your home in areas that aren't even being redone. And it will continue to settle over time. You can encapsulate the workspace in plastic and tape to your heart's delight, but beware of dust traveling through your home's HVAC system and discuss alternative solutions with your contractor. 

There will be people. 

Remodeling is the ultimate in adult roommate experiences. You will cohabitate with trade partners, installers, designers, delivery people, inspectors and more. But keep in mind that these visitors are only temporary and with the guidance of your carefully selected general contractor or project manager, you know that you're always in good hands.

There will be noise. 

Whether a tree falling in the woods makes a sound or not, ripping out sheetrock and installing new cabinetry certainly does. And lets not forget our friends- the power tools. Your home, temporarily at least, will fill with a chorus of mechanical and vocal noises that will be anything but soothing.

There will be decisions. 

Perhaps you never thought the finish of your bathroom drawer pulls would be the defining characteristic of your adult life, but at some point you will have to make the choice between brushed nickel and chrome, and you will have to live with it. Forever (or until you change them out again). 

Another very important thing to keep in mind is do not be too quick to judge your new space until all the bells and whistles are added and you've given it a test run. 

Staring at a beautifully constructed space without your own personal details and memories may leave you a a tad underwhelmed.  

But in the end, once the finishing touches are added, all of the hard work will pay off as you enjoy your newly remodeled space!

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