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Friday, April 12, 2013

Addition In Progress: Dallas Outdoor Living

As warmer weather is swiftly approaching, the outdoors are beckoning with promises of family fellowship and friendly entertaining poolside in your humble (or grand) abode. However, to brave the Texas summer heat without some sort of protection is sheer madness. This is where outdoor living areas come in. Whether covered and open-air, partially enclosed or fully glazed, these areas make it possible to enjoy  the outdoors without baking to a crisp or losing a swatting match to a swarm of vicious insects. 

One of our current projects includes the extension of an outdoor living area to provide more functional space for grilling and cooking, add substantial protection from the elements when necessary and create more usable space for entertaining family and friends. 

As it begins to take shape, we can already see the gains in usable and protected area that will shade larger family gatherings on even the hottest of summer afternoons. In addition to the obvious gains in usable space, the area is being reworked to include a truly functional outdoor kitchen area, featuring a built-in stone pizza oven, gas grill, undercounter refrigeration and clean-up station. 
Check back as we document our progress. Soon the finished product will be ready to show off!