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Friday, September 27, 2013

Follow Me On... | Social Media in the Remodeling Industry

According to a recent factoid in Remodeling Magazine, social media use has caught on among remodelers, however it appears not all social media/sharing sites are created equal. It's no surprise that Facebook is on top, with 80% of those surveyed using the social media platform, as the site boasts 1.15 billion active users as of March 2013.  And in what seems like a tremendous gap, 30% are Houzz users followed closely by LinkedIn at 28%. But considering the relative newness of the Houzz (launched in 2009) in comparison to LinkedIn (launched in 2003), such an established base of users this early in the game could predict a very bright future for the newcomer.  And not to be forgotten in the list, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest bring up the rear at 21%, 20% and 14% of remodelers surveyed using these sites respectively. 

So what does this tell us about the remodeling industry? That remodelers have way too much time on our hands, so we've decided to start 'liking' and 'pinning' the day away. Ha, hardly. Perhaps what we can learn from these statistics is that we've entered an entirely new age of marketing, communication, and interaction. Consumers now have the freedom to explore and learn about products, services, and businesses with the ease of a mouse click. So be mindful of what's put out there using your brand or imagery, because someone will find/click/share/post it. And embrace the opportunity to entertain, enlighten, and engage with your clients, and possibly reach an entirely new audience in the process. 
Happy sharing/liking/pinning/posting/tweeting!