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Friday, December 13, 2013

3 Key Elements for Every Home Office

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Though each project has it's own unique aesthetic, and these spaces certainly run the style gamut from sleek contemporary to adorned traditional, a few things remain constant in the perfect home office/study.

1. Adequate storage (for your specific needs)

Whether you have shelves and shelves of actual (i.e. ink on paper, not e) books, papers in manila file folders, stacks of photos, binders of recipes, stationary, important legal documents that need to be locked tight or even digital files, the right type and amount of storage is crucial for a home office.

2. Ample lighting (preferably natural)

A large bay of windows or strategically placed skylights offer a welcomed alternative to drab fluorescent lighting that you may be forced to deal with in a professional office setting. Aided by desktop and under-cabinet task lighting when necessary, a healthy dose of natural light will inspire creativity and increase productivity in your home office. 

3. Comfortable seating 

An ergonomic desk chair on casters may be just the ticket for someone who works from home  or manages a large household, while an upholstered wingback or leather lounge area will add the right amount of sophistication and class to a more formal study. Depending on how you use the space, your office may require different seating types, but always keep in mind, comfort is key.