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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Key Residential Featured on Houzz | Key Residential

A Key Residential project was recently featured in an article on Houzz titled "Building Permits: What to Know About Green Building and Energy Codes". You can read the full article here.

Construction's impact on the environment has become an increasingly important topic. When pursuing a remodel or new home build, many homeowners are wanting to make sure that their plans will cause minimal impact on the environment. Appliances, windows, HVAC, insulation are some of the more popular ways to improve a home's energy efficiency. When it comes to landscaping, think about using drought tolerant plants or plants that are native to your specific area. Or rather than making major adjustments to your home's surrounding landscape, try to save as much of the existing landscape as possible.

Key Residential was featured in the Houzz article because of a project that utilized synthetic grass, a product that has become increasingly popular, especially in areas that have been experiencing long term drought. It requires no mowing and no watering and stays green all year round. And as noted in the article on Houzz, the right design can make sure it looks natural and organic. 

We partnered with Jason Osterberger Design and Pool Environments, Inc. to create this outdoor oasis in the heart of Dallas. You can see more pictures from this project on Houzz here.