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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Black & White Material Palettes | Modern and Flexible

When considering an painter's palette, the first image most of us envision is an array of colors waiting to be transformed into art on a canvas (probably happy little trees or clouds if you're seeing the same Bob Ross in your head that I do). But in the case of a builder or remodeler, the daubs of color and canvas combine in the form of the finish materials that are applied to walls, ceilings & floors and used to construct cabinetry & built-ins. It is this base to which the decorative details & final touches are applied resulting in a stunning space. 

And even with the vast array of materials on today's market, where homeowners can choose any color/material palette imaginable, coordinating light switch covers and mosaic tile backsplashes in the perfect shade of aubergine, sometimes the simplest and most basic combo can make the biggest impact. Below is a Key Residential bath with details of the material palette in Black & White.

The Hollow Way Girls' Bath features a modern and youthful take on B&W with  contrasting porcelain floor tiles in a custom pattern, a pure white composite quartz vanity atop white cabinetry, linear black & white ceramic shower tiles and a unique textured wall covering. The accessories include a continuation of the B&W with a graphic shower curtain and the addition of bright pink through bath textiles. With such a crisp material palette, accessories and textiles can be inexpensively modified to change the feel of the entire room. 


1. Wolf Gordon Lundie wall covering in Winter is made from 100% vinyl. It not only adds a textural quality to the space but has many environmentally friendly qualities as well, passing LEED IEQ 4.2 for low emissions and includes a mold and mildew inhibitor. 

2. Crossville 6" Porcelain Tiles in Powdered Sugar and Intercermic 2" Porcelain Tiles in Midnight are laid in a custom pinwheel pattern to create visual interest on the floor

3. Matte Ceramic Wall Tiles by Interceramic in White (4-1/4" x 12-3/4") line the shower walls with dramatic horizontal bands of Absolute Black (2-1/4" x 8-1/2"). 

Additional Materials:
Paint Grade White Cabinetry- Douglas Custom Cabinets, Pure White Brushed Stylenquaza Countertop- Holland Marble