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Friday, July 19, 2013

Black & White Material Palettes | Timeless and Luxurious

Sometimes the simplest color combo can make the biggest impact. 

In part two of our Material Palette exploration, we have another example of Key Residential bath with a few details of the Black & White palette listed below.  The Brookridge Guest Bath is a luxurious take on B&W with high-end finish materials (those applied to walls, ceilings and floors and used to construct cabinetry and built-ins) and demonstrates how the characteristics of the material itself can add visual interest. 

Considered one of the most elegant (and pricey) materials, natural stone is prominently featured throughout this bath, in both the Thassos White Marble tiles of the floor and shower walls and the White Fantasy Granite vanity top. Both materials are cool and smooth to touch, but the juxtaposition of the lighter marble against the variegated granite adds depth and creates visual interest. Thick bands of glass mosaic tile really pop on the rear shower wall because of their tactile appeal and high shine. The result is classic bath with maturity, refinement and touches of masculinity.


1. Thassos White Marble Tiles are cut to 6" x 12" for the both floor and tub/shower walls

2. Elevations Raised Tile Mosaic in Non-Iridescent Black are installed in horizontal bands across the rear wall of the tub adding texture and breaking up the field of white

3. Granite Slab in White Fantasy  (3 cm, 1-1/4" thick) with a Square edge detail stands out on the vanity top and the shower ledge. Though this material doesn't bring any additional hues into the palette, the natural veining makes for a stunning base for the highly reflective vessel sink

Additional Materials:
Piano Finish Black Cabinetry, Polished Chrome hardware and wall mounted faucet, Simply Stainless Steel Vessel sink by DecoLav, Level 5 Wall Finish- Super White