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Friday, August 23, 2013

Getting your home market ready | Storage & Organization

According to real estate broker and Trulia blogger, Tara Nelson, many home sellers are guilty of "undermarketing" their homes by, surprisingly enough, not mentioning features that could very well entice a potential buyer to bite. Killer views and upgraded appliances always make the cut, but often times amenities such as storage and organizing systems don't make it on the list of 'oohs and ahs'.
 “undermarketing”: to list a home and fail to mention features the homes have, which buyers would have been attracted to, had they seen them in the home’s listing description, flyer or online marketing. - See the full article here

Though you might not think it particularly fantastic, there are plenty of features about your home that you may have tired of, but that could be a real draw for a first time home buyer or someone with a changing lifestyle situation. So consider highlighting these features if you're currently getting your home ready for the market, or keep them in mind as a potential renovation investment for greater return down the line.

#1. Walk In Closets

As any long time renter will tell you, there's nothing more exciting than having your own walk-in closet. Most renters don't have the luxury of a walk-in closet, because to be honest their apartments are small enough to fit in some. So to a first time home buyer, a well planned or customized walk-in closet would be a welcomed change and therefore a key element to showcase when marketing a home.

#2. Built-In Shelving

Even in our increasingly digital age, people still manage to amass books, papers, photos, collectibles and more that require some sort of shelving to store and display them. And while there are many upgrades from the good old college Ikea shelf (which incidentally probably cost less than a quad shot trenta hazelnut soy latte these days), nothing says you've reached the big times like a built-in bookshelf. Whether in a study, home office or multi-purpose room, built-ins provide much needed storage to stash your wares, and if designed correctly, can help maximize your floor area and improve the flow of your space. 

#3. Kid Friendly Storage

Depending on your neighborhood and buyer trends, you may find yourself marketing a home to an expanding family or even empty-nesters whose grandkids come back to roost for extended periods of time. In addition to highlighting the coveted school district or neighborhood park, consider emphasizing storage geared towards children. We all know these tiny people come with an unbelievable amount of stuff, which needs to be put somewhere other than the middle of the floor. Built in workstations that can be dedicated to children's homework and projects could be a unique selling point for younger families as well as a renovation to maximize awkward or under utilized common areas. 

#4. Organization and Specialty Details

A final key aspect of storage to consider when remodeling and to market for re-sale are organizational systems. Any built-in or drawer system that helps keep your mess in a manageable state is something worth showing off. Home offices can boast anything from expansive hanging file drawers to concealed storage for printers and electronics. And utility rooms can be transformed from a general mess into a well organized daily drop-off station with the integration of a few hooks, baskets and shoe cubbies. Anything that could make someone's life easier, cleaner or more efficient will appeal to a wide variety of homebuyers, whether new or seasoned. 

So if you've taken the time to customize your home's storage, remember to point this out when trying to attract the perfect buyer. And if selling is farther down the line, consider updating what you have right now, adding customized and specialty storage to make life flow a little easier each day until you reach the point that you are the one looking for something new