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Friday, August 16, 2013

Innovations in the Design of Classic Bathroom Staples

There are a few things that you may not consider stylish, but at least admit are a necessity in your bathroom- a medicine cabinet, radiator or the toilet. They don't have to be pretty, they just have to be in there. Well, many product designers are taking on the challenge of rethinking some classics into objects that do both.

Below are some examples of traditionally overlooked items (in terms of aesthetics anyway) that can not only bring necessary functionality but a touch of class to your next bathroom renovation.  


Medicine Cabinet

Orig- 30"H x 24"W x 5"D
XL- 31.5"H x 73.5"W x 5"D

American Walnut
Mirrored Glass
Laminated Insert (XL)

Though not the most aesthetically pleasing, tried and true metal-and-mirror medicine cabinets have provided households with functional storage for cotton swabs, cleansers, creams and of course, medicine for generations. Updated asymmetrical mirrored cabinets with walnut accents are a unique take on the classic wall-mounted medicine cabinet that we all remember, if not love. The narrower side door is cleverly designed to provide a quick-access compartment to stash frequently used items. 

Rebel Radiator/Towel Warmer          by Caleido

Vertical- 460 mm W x 1865 mm H x  270 mm D (~18" x 73.5" x 11")                           Material:
Horizontal1210 mm W x 545 mm H x  270 mm D (~48" x 21.5" x 11")                   Carbon Steel

A far cry from the clunky radiators of yore, Caleido boasts the elevation of radiators from a "simple source of heat to a point of reference in design and lifestyle". The Rebel Towel Warmer does not disappoint. With a sleek silhouette that is at home in any modern interior, either the Vertical or Horizontal orientation can compliment or substitute traditional heating products in the bath while providing storage for linens with the added bonus of built-in warmth.


(Washbasin + Water Closet)

Manuf by Roca

Entire Unit: 
860 mm L x 500 mm W x 760 mm H 
~34"L x 20"W x 30"H

Wash Basin Only:
260 mm L x 325 mm W x 280 mm H (sink 90 mm D)
~10"L x 13"W x 30"H (sink 3.5" D)

Material: Vitreous China

Most of the loos on the market today have been designed to meet specific standards in size, shape and efficiency. But the W+W takes it one step further, combining the wash basin and WC in the ultimate in sustainable efficiency with an extremely modern edge. Grey water from the sink is filtered then redirected to the toilet tank, reducing water waste by as much as 25%. The 4 L reservoir holds the treated water until needed for flushing, disposing of any additional overflow through the traditional water main outlet. And if the reservoir runs dry from too much flushing and not enough brushing, the toilet tank can fill from the main source as well.  

So when considering your next remodel or design project, don't forget the easily overlooked, the medicine cabinets, radiators and toilets of the world. Because even these staple furnishings and fixtures can be re-imagined into something both functional and beautiful.