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Friday, February 21, 2014

Bedroom Inspirations | Key Residential

In creating our Houzz Bedroom Ideabook, featuring spaces from remodels and custom homes constructed by Key Residential over the years, we came across a few commonalities that make for the perfect place to lay your head. 

Click to see the full collection of  bedrooms in our Houzz ideabook.

Access to the Outdoors 

Being able to walk out onto a patio, balcony, or even directly into your backyard to get a little fresh air is always a good thing. Having convenient, direct access to nature from your bedroom elevates the space from a sleeping chamber for mere mortals to a relaxing retreat fit for royalty.

Natural Light 

While it may seem counterintuitive to add light to a room generally associated with being dark during sleeping, sources of daylight help regulate the body's internal clock and aid in the development healthy sleep patterns. Of course the light must be able to be be controlled or regulated in some way via shades, shutters, curtains, etc. for those lazy days that you just want to sleep in.

High Ceilings

A vaulted, cathedral, or higher-than-standard ceiling can add a sense of drama and grandeur, especially to a master bedroom. This height and architectural detailing also affords you the opportunity to add visual interest with crown molding, coffers, or custom beams. 

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are a classic bedroom favorite. They increase airflow, provide ambient noise, and aid in the regulation of body temperature, all of which are extremely important for a restful night's sleep.

Seating Area

Whether it's a chaise lounge or a built-in window seat, having a comfy place to plop down and read a book or have a chat on the phone will increase the comfort level and functionality of your bedroom.

Neutral or Cool Color Palette

While aesthetic preferences and design trends definitely change over time, and there is no hard fast rule about bedroom color, many of the bedrooms featured in our ideabook lean towards a cool or neutral, less saturated palette. As it is generally accepted in color theory that cooler colors have a calming effect while warmer colors are believed to stimulate mental and even physical activity, it makes sense to go for a blue, green, or neutral as opposed to a bright red in your restful and relaxing space.

Got some ideas for a the ultimate bedroom retreat?  Contact us to discuss your upcoming renovation or custom home project today!