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Friday, February 28, 2014

And the nominees are... | Key Residential Awards of Merit

With Oscar Sunday right around the corner, below is our nod to the oldest entertainment industry awards ceremony with our own version of the Key Residential Awards of Merit nominees. While America (and the world) will be tuning in to see the winners of the 86th Annual Academy Awards, we're taking a look back at the home remodeling and construction equivalents with some of our best spaces from projects over the years.

Best Custom Home

Our version of Best Picture would have to be Best Custom Home (or Whole Home Renovation, which is up next). However, unlike the Oscars, we won't make you wait til the end for the big guys. 

Just as Best Picture is considered the most important of all Academy Awards for encompassing the highest quality in directing, acting, music composition, editing, and all other aspects of film making, these custom homes were carefully designed and constructed, down the smallest detail, to ensure the families that reside within enjoy their home for years to come.

And the nominees are... 
Greenbrier Custom Home 2013  (top) Brookridge Custom Home 2012  (bottom)

Best Whole Home Renovation

And now on to Whole Home Renovations, which are similar to Custom Homes in the amount of detail put into each project, however present very unique challenges as you are dealing with an existing structure and possibly old or damaged systems that must be repaired or updated before you can reveal the stunning final masterpiece.

And the nominees are... 
Joyce Way Renovation 2008, Caruth Remodel 2012/2013, Hollow Way Remodel 2012 (left to right)

Best Kitchen or Bath 

(in a Leading Role)

Especially in the world of remodeling, Kitchens and Baths are the superstarsAnd why not? 

You've got natural stone countertops, tip-top-of-the-line appliances and sparkling fixtures & finishes. These spaces are the most often remodeled because of the high ROI and level of impact the updates make on your daily routine. Don't believe me? Try going a day without setting foot in one of these rooms.

And while we won't even attempt to decide whether the actor or actress best embodies the kitchen or bath, both qualify as the leading role in our review of Key Residential's outstanding projects. 

And the nominees are... 
Edmondson Kitchen 
Greenbrier Master Bath 
Caruth Kitchen 
Edmondson Master Bath 
Greenbrier Kitchen 
Brookridge Powder  
(top to bottom, left to right)

Best Supporting Space

And while K&B may be the leading ladies & gents of the home, they wouldn't be able to pull it all off without a little help from the supporting cast. Whether we're talking a unique specialty room, a custom addition, or an accessory living space with that wow factor, these supporting players give their homes an unmistakable charm

And the nominees are... 
Hollow Way Utility/Exercise, Southcrest Study, Hollow Way Poker Room, Creekridge Pool Cabana, Brookridge Entry,  Caruth Sunroom (left to right, top to bottom)

Best Kids' Space

And now on to spaces dedicated to the fans of the Best Animated Feature Film- KIDS. These rooms include a nursery, teen's room, study nook, boys' bunk room and a shared grandkid guest room, all with just the right amount of color, comfort, and  whimsy!

And the nominees are... 
Greenbrier Girl's Room, Edmondson Girl's Room, Joyce Way Study Nook, Joyce Way Boy's Room, Hollow Way Girls' Room  (clockwise from top left)

Best Interior Furnishings

And lastly on our list, the contractor/builder awards equivalent of Best Costume Design, are our spaces with best furniture, accessory specifications, and interior finish materials. Like the icing on a cake, these accouterments place the perfect finishing touches on each space, elevating them from something beautiful, to something truly memorable.

And the nominees are... 
Greenbrier Dining, Reading Room, Hollow Way Great Room, Brookridge Master Sitting (left to right)

To see more of any of the projects featured above, check out our Houzz profile!

And now the Credits (in order of appearance):

Greenbrier Custom Home, Architect: Roberto Castanheira, RC3D, Interior Design: Pat Ratcliff
Brookridge Custom Home, Architect: Fred Roberts, Interior Design: Joanie Wyll
Caruth Whole Home Renovation, Architectural/Interior Desgin: Becci Meier 
Hollow Way Whole Home Renovation, Interior Design: David Cadwallader, Architect: Bruce Bernbaum
Edmondson Whole Home Remodel, Interior Design: David Cadwallader
Southcrest Study Remodel, Interior Design: Pat Ratcliff
Creekridge Cabana Addition, Architect: Roberto Castanheira, RC3D
Reading Room Renovation, Interior Design: Pat Ratcliff