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Friday, March 7, 2014

Landscape & Outdoor Living Trends for 2014

Builder Online recently put together a list of 15 Hot Outdoor Design Trends based on a survey by the American Society of Landscape Architects, who were asked to predict top trends for 2014. Check out the results below!

Gardens/Landscapes were rated to likely be somewhat to very popular by 94% of respondents. 

Key features to include: 
       Low maintenance
       Using native plants
       Fountains or ornamental water features
       Food/veggie gardens (includes vineyards/orchards)
       Xeriscaping or dry gardens 

Left: Synthetic turf reduces the need for costly maintenance. 
    Right: Louisiana Sugar Kettle repurposed as a fountain.

Next on the list were Outdoor Living Spaces (kitchens, entertainment areas) rated by 92% of landscape professionals to be popular for 2014.

Key features to include:
       Seating/dining areas 
       Fire pits/fireplaces
       Installed seating (benches, ledges, etc) 

Left: Lighting adds drama and allows you to enjoy your outdoor space anytime. Right: Multiple seating areas can accommodate dining, lounging and entertainment.

And the third most popular outdoor design element was Outdoor Recreation (pools, spas, tennis courts) with 76% of respondents predicting popularity in 2014. 

Key features to include:
       Decorative water elements (ornamental or 
       splash pools, waterfalls, grottos, etc.)
       Spa features (hot tub, Jacuzzi, whirlpool,  sauna)
       Swimming pools

Top: The outdoor kitchen cabana opens to a stunning poolscape with stone wall and waterfall feature.   Bottom: The existing pool was updated with a new surround, including a ledgestone and glass tile water feature.

Sustainable Elements on the Rise

2014 may also end up being a bit greener (landscape pun- check) with the integration of sustainable planting and design elements, the highest ranked of which are below. 
  • Native/adapted drought-tolerant plants - 88.0% 
  • Drip/water-efficient irrigation - 84.5%
  • Permeable paving - 78.9%
  • Reduced lawn - 72.6%
  • Recycled materials - 65.1%
  • Rainwater/graywater harvesting - 60.6%

Want to know more? 

You can find the source article here on Builder Online or check out the ASLA full survey results here