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Monday, March 17, 2014

Revisiting A Remodel | Key Residential

One thing we pride ourselves on at Key Residential is our ability to develop long lasting relationships with our clients that result in word-of-mouth referrals, as well as additional projects in their homes for years to come. 

Master Bath Reno 2013
Master Bath Reno 2013
Having completed a Master Bath Remodel (L & R) in 2013 for repeat clients, we've recently been able to revisit other areas of the home that were completed back in 2006 (yes, that's before the advent of the iPhone, gasp!) and get the homeowner's feedback. 

So did the early Key work stand the test of time, or has the seven year itch crept up prompting the homeowners to try something new? 

Keep reading to find out...

Original Kitchen Remodel Process- 2005-2006
Photo by LAIR Architectural + Interior Photography (C) 2014

The original remodel, completed in 2006included a 5' expansion towards the front of the home, creating room for a new built-in display cabinet in the dining portion and a large arched window  with  storage beneath the bench seat.  

The rearranged eat-in kitchen features updated paint (farewell wallpaper), tiled flooring in a pinwheel pattern, custom painted cabinetry centered around a dark stained island, integrated appliances, tiled backsplash, and granite counters. 

The vaulted ceiling is made even more prominent by the addition of beadboard, beams, and molding details, while the operable arched windows and french doors bring in natural light and allow access to the outdoors.

Photo by LAIR Architectural + Interior Photography (C) 2014

And of course the answer to our previous question is YES, the original renovation has aged quite well, looking just as good today (as shown in the recent photos) as it did when first completed over eight years ago.

The carefully chosen, timeless finishes and the great attention to detail that went into the original design, plus regular maintenance and a little TLC from the homeowners, have allowed this kitchen to withstand the test of time and become the true heart of this home. 

They enjoy hosting multi-generational family dinners, with grandkids grabbing games from the bench seat storage, parents gathering around the island to converse, and great-grandma relaxing at the dining table. 

Photo by LAIR Architectural + Interior Photography (C) 2014

So, after revisiting this kitchen remodel quite a few years later, this project will go down in the Key Residential books as a resounding success

And not because the finishes and fixtures have remained intact. It is in fact our unofficial GC duty to help homeowners update/renovate as often as their hearts desire and budget will allow. Let's face it, we'd be out of business if everyone just decided to stick with what they've already got.

Nor is it because the homeowners graciously opted to work with Key Residential on another project in a different area of their home (though we are always appreciative when that happens). 

This project goes in the win column because after all these years, the homeowners are still in love with their kitchen, perhaps more than when it was first completed, and have created many a memory gathered around this very island. And we really can't ask for much more than that!


If you've seen something you like, or have ideas for a home renovation of your own, contact us to discuss your upcoming remodel project!