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Friday, May 9, 2014

Master Bath Updates in Progress | Key Residential

We are excited to document the process of what promises to be yet another a stunning transformation for repeat clients in their Plano home. Rather than opting for a complete gut for this Master Bath renovation, the homeowners decided upon very specific detail and finish updates to perfectly suit their daily routines. 

The overall footprint remains the same, while the existing cabinets were modified slightly, fitted with new undermount sinks, and given a fresh coat of paint. Walls and trim also received paint updates while the existing tiled floors will soon be deep cleaned and re-sealed. But perhaps the most visually appealing upgrade is the addition of new counters, backsplashes, and tub deck in Cherry Chocolate granite. And while these upgrades may seem simple enough- change the height of this, add a different top on that- there are a few critical details that have to be considered to ensure a flawless end result.

The counter height at Her Vanity sink was raised to a more comfortable height of 38", closer to a kitchen counter height, to prevent unnecessary bending or stooping while getting ready. The make-up and storage areas were left lower to accommodate a small stool within the existing knee space. This seemingly small adjustment requires that the backsplash height vary from the standard 4" on the lower portions of the cabinet to ensure an even alignment along the top edge of the connecting splashes. New slightly shorter mirrors are also necessary to maintain alignment with the existing door frame and the higher backsplash. And let's not forget the craftsmanship and attention to detail required to have a new cabinet installed next to existing, but look as if it has been a part of the space the entire time.

And while His Vanity cabinet didn't receive any changes except those necessary to fit the new undermount bowl, the difference in the material thickness of the new 3 cm granite vs. the original cultured marble requires some adjustments. Mirrors also must be slightly shorter for a slight height difference in the slab material combined with new splash. The existing electrical outlet, which was mounted very close to the edge of the original backsplash had to be moved up and over slightly to be centered vertically within and mounted far enough away from the edge of the backsplash.

The existing tub got a little facelift by removing the cultured marble splash and skirt to install the new granite deck. 
Here, the difference in material thickness is most apparent, as the new material is laid on top of the existing. The portions of the existing tub deck where the faucet/handles are located were cut away, leaving only new slab, to minimize thickness for re-installation of the plumbing hardware. The new cutout was also measured 1/8" inside the outermost rim of the existing tub, to allow for a slight overhang to conceal necessary silicone sealant, much like the installation of an undermount sink bowl, for a clean, finished look. Once the hardware is reconnected, plumbing lines are adjusted for the new configuration, a new skirt can be installed along with coordinating splashes to give this master tub a true spa feel

And while the finish line is so close, there are still many more exciting steps to happen before this Master Bath transformation is complete. Stay tuned for finished photos to follow soon!