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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top Five Must Haves for the Home | Key Residential

A recent post by the National Association of Realtors outlined the top five “must-haves” for home buyers. You can check out the article here. But what about people who already own their own home and aren’t interested in moving yet still desire these must-haves? The right remodel can help you achieve many of these features in your own home. Plus, when it does come time to sell your home, having these included can help your house to sell faster and at a higher price, a definite win-win.

Walk In Closet

Large walk in closets provide a plethora of storage room for all sorts of odds and ends that are kept throughout the house. The more closet space you have the easier it can be to keep a house looking clean and decluttered. Walk in master closets are especially popular right now. Custom cabinets and shelving units can help define the space and organize it in a way that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

The custom cabinets and shelving in this closet not only help keep the space organized but are in line with the design theme of the rest of the home remodel, creating a useful and beautiful space.

Laundry Room

A large, multifunctional laundry room can come in handy. It needs to have a washer and dryer, of course, but extra cabinet space, a counter top, and sink for hand washing your clothes can be added bonuses that will make everyday life a little bit easier. Laundry rooms are also a great place for custom built ins, such as a built in ironing board that can be pulled out of the cabinets as needed.

The laundry room pictured to the left includes a large sink, cabinets and counter space, and a shower.

Energy Efficiency

Want to save a little money each month, then focus on getting your energy bill down. Most appliances these days come with an energy star rating, so look for those when you’re shopping. New windows and exterior doors can help insulate your home and keep it properly cool or warm, depending on the season.

Great Rooms

Open concept floor plans that combine the living room, kitchen, and dining room have been a popular trend for years. The open space can make it easier to entertain, keep an eye on kids, and make the area feel bigger.

The living room in this home is connected directly to the kitchen, allowing for ease of access between the two areas. A breakfast area, not seen in this photo, is to the right of the kitchen and includes a small nook with views to the backyard.

Taller First-Floor Ceilings
Another way to create space without having to expand outward is to expand upward. Taller ceilings can help make a room feel larger without needing to tack on an addition. They can also add a feeling of luxe and unexpectedness to a room. Decorative beams or special design elements can be incorporated on the ceiling to further draw attention upward.

In this master bedroom, the original ceiling (left photo) was removed. In the remodeled room (right photo), the ceiling was left open to the roof line and decorative beams were added for design purposes. With the higher ceiling the room feels grander and more open.