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Friday, October 23, 2015

What is Your Kitchen Style? | Key Residential

The kitchen can be a tricky room to design. Most likely it is one of the rooms that sees the most use in your house, so function should be high on your list of requirements when remodeling your kitchen. From deciding where to locate the major appliances to finding cabinets that will fit all of your dishes and supplies to ensuring that you will have enough counterspace to work with you will probably have your hands full with creating a high functioning kitchen. But don't get so bogged down in designing the function that you forget about style. The best kitchens are both hardworking and stylish. And luckily, there are plenty of style options out there for you to put your personal stamp on. Not sure what your kitchen style should be? Take this Houzz quiz to find out, and then check oug how we've interpreted some of these styles for our clients below.

The classic look of a traditional inspired kitchen is probably one of the more recognizable design options. It features many natural materials (think wood cabinets and stone countertops) and elegant finishes. Cabinets tend to have raised or inset panels and are often natural wood color or painted in such a way that the grain of the wood is still visible. In general the colors that are used in traditional kitchens tend to be neutral which helps to allow some of the other details to shine.

Modern style can encompass quite an eclectic range of options. The style tends to be very minimalist and often works to highlight interesting architectural features. Features are sleek and have a sense of structure. Harder materials, such as steel, concrete, and glass, are the go to choices. Cabinets are structured and flat and countertops have hard-edges rather than rounded. In keeping with the minimalist design, smaller appliances are often concealed and countertops are kept mostly clear.

Don't get contemporary style confused with modern. They have similar features but are two distinct styles. Clean, sleek lines and solid colors are the mark of the contemporary design style. Features are minimalist and modern, and they often feature more manmade materials than natural materials. Contemporary kitchens tend to have an accent feature of some sort, be it in a fun tile backsplash, a pop of color on the walls or the island cabinets, or an interesting countertop material.

Farmhouse kitchens tend to give off a warm an welcoming feel and are constructed to accommodate large groups of people. One of, if not the, most important element of a farmhouse style kitchen is wood. Use it anywhere from cabinets to the floors to the ceiling. It gives the room a rustic and natural vibe that is inherent in a farmhouse or country style kitchen. A fireplace and farm table are some fun features to include that can help give the kitchen a farmhouse vibe.

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