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Friday, December 11, 2015

Shades of White Shine in 2016

It's hard to think that 2015 will soon be coming to an end and that a new year is waiting just around the corner. But before you know it, the calendar will be ticking forward another year, and with that change comes a whole host of new topics of what will be on trend during the upcoming year. In home design one of the more popular topics regarding what will be trending is color. This year several of the lead opinion makers are all leaning towards a similar color. And what is that color? It's white! Or a shade of off white, depending on where you look. Check out some ideas below on how to incorporate 2016's hot color into your own home.

The use of white in this living room allows the Dallas skyline through the
windows to shine.
Whether you plan to us it sparingly on just a few accent pieces or liberally throughout your house, white is a color that you can use without much fear of it overwhelming or overpowering, fro the walls to the furniture to built ins and so much more. Be warned though, white has a way of showing dirt easily, so up keep will be required. But no one ever said being trendy is always easy. If upkeep is a major concern of yours try going with more of an off white hue, it will hide dirt better than a pure white. And you probably don't want to use it everywhere or else you risk your house coming across as too sterile. But at the same time, don't be afraid to commit to liberal use of the color, just make sure you have some plans to break it up a little bit.

White cabinets, countertops, and backsplash combine together in this
classic white kitchen.
White kitchens are incredibly on trend right now, and the kitchen is probably one of the few rooms where you can get away with using white throughout mostly the entire room without it coming off as exceptionally sterile. White cabinets paired with a white countertop and/or white backsplash tile create a stunning, high end look. However, breaking it up with some stainless steel appliances or wood flooring would help add some depth design wise to the room.

The white walls allow the red accent wall and decorative pieces to
really stand out and be the room's focal point.
Using white for a wall color can be a very sharp and clean look, and it will help in allowing other aspects of the room to really pop, such as an accent wall or an interesting piece of furniture or artwork. It would also be a good color to use if a room has interesting architecture. A bolder color would be distracting, but by using white you will allow the architecture itself to be the focal point. Overall, white is a great color to use if you want something besides the wall color to shine.

With a white exterior, this house looks like the quintessential American
home. And the green grass pops against the white backdrop.
Landscaping is another great area to use white, after all, part of the American Dream is a home with a white picket fence. From fencing, to the house itself, to plant life, or to outdoor furniture, white can be a very classic look for the outside of a home. However, using white outside will require some extra upkeep to make sure things don't get too dirt from the elements.

The white trim stands out against the darker wall color and helps
create a sophisticated look in this master bedroom.
Not a fan of using a lot of white in your home design? Don't worry, there are plenty of smaller ways that you can incorporate the color that can be just as beautiful. Trim, for example, is a great area to use white if you prefer to use it more sparingly. White trim juxtaposed against a bolder colored wall can look very clean and sophisticated. Or you could settle for just a few accent pieces in the color, such as furniture or decorative pieces.

How do you incorporate white into your home design? Or what changes are you thinking about making in your home this next year to add in more white?