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Friday, February 26, 2016

A Look Back at the Remodel Process of a Plano Master Bath and Kitchen | Key Residential

Over the past few months we've been posting quite a few progress photos on our Key Residential Facebook Page of a master bath and kitchen remodel that we've been working on up in Plano. It's been fun keeping everyone up to date with this project as it has progressed in real time, but now that the end is in sight we wanted to take a quick look back and really put the project in perspective. So we put together some photo collages of all the photos we've been posting to highlight the changes that have been made to the master bath and kitchen and show all the work that has gone into the project. Check them out below, and keep an eye on our Facebook page for the official completion photos when the project is done. And if you want to stay up to date on the other projects we've got going on then be sure to follow us on Facebook.


The kitchen didn't undergo too many changes, but it received a nice facelift that we think is going to really modernize the look and feel of the room. Some of the updates included a fresh coat of paint for the cabinets and walls, a new farmhouse sink, and new Italian marble countertops.


The master bathroom went through a major overhaul that included a complete gut of the room, taking out the back wall and expanding it out several feet, and changing the overall layout of the room to allow for a larger walk in shower, a pedestal tub, and more space overall throughout the room.

In the collage to the right you can see the exterior of the house where the bathroom wall was pushed out. A new, large window will allow plenty of natural light into the bath. And a nice side effect of the room expansion is a covered patio underneath just off of the kitchen for the homeowners to enjoy.

The collage below shows the interior of the bathroom where the wall was pushed out. It's can be hard to tell, but yes, the first picture is what was the original back wall of the bath.

The vanities were moved to the wall that is shared with the master bedroom. Prior to the expansion the majority of this wall was an exterior wall in the master bedroom In the collage below and to the left you can see an opening in the first photo where there used to be a window in the master bedroom.

To finish things off, take a look at how the new shower came together. Due to the layout changes involved in the bathroom the shower photos were unable to be taken at a comparable angle to the old shower that would really show the progress and changes. The photo collage to the right shows two shots of the original shower. The old faucet handles and shower head are in the same general area as the soap niche and shower seat in the new shower as shown below. The last collage shows the new entrance to the shower.