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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bath Inspirations | Key Residential

In creating our Houzz Bathroom Ideabook, featuring spaces from remodels and custom homes constructed by Key Residential over the years, we've come across a few commonalities that make for the perfect bathroom retreat. 

1. A Great Soaking Tub- sit back, relax, and soak away the cares of your day

2. Glass Enclosed Shower- increase the feeling of spaciousness with a glass shower enclosure

3. Lighting at the Mirror- (especially side lighting) provides the perfect illumination for your daily routine 

4. Ample Storage- whether a vanity, tower, or furniture piece, storage for linens and toiletries is a must

Click to see the full collection of  bathrooms in our Houzz ideabook for a little renovation inspiration.

If you found some ideas for a stunning bathroom oasis, contact us to discuss your project today!