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Friday, April 18, 2014

Key Ingredients for a Luxury Outdoor Kitchen

At a recent local NKBA chapter meeting, the topic of discussion was Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Design. Trends are leaning towards blended living spaces, which seamlessly transition from indoor to out, expanding your livable area for entertaining or family events. These outdoor spaces need to include space for cooking, cleaning, and food prep as well as sufficient storage and ambient lighting to ensure your outdoor events are a success. A few key points to remember when dreaming of an outdoor oasis- material durability, appliances specifically rated for outdoor use, low maintenance,  and coverage/weather protection. 


If being grill master is on your to-do list for the coming summer, consider Custom Home Online's recently featured fold-away grill, perfect for a modern and compact outdoor kitchen or patio. This grill is designed for either wood or charcoal grilling and the 21-1/2" wall-mounted steel fire bowl folds away into a discreet disk when not in use. The creative Sigmafocus barbecue grill by Focus is easily mounted to the wall  at your desired height with two screw-in anchor points and the ash basin is designed to tip downward for easy cleaning. 

Feel like branching out from the standard grilled fare? Viking has recently updated it's commercial style Wok for outdoor use.  This 27,500 BTU unit allows you to simmer, saute, and stir fry, for outdoor dining events ranging from a traditional Asian stir-fry dinner to hosting a crab boil. The removable, stainless steel pull-out drip tray and grease pan also make clean up a breeze. 


Lack of storage for dishes, party platters, and silverware can result in a stunning outdoor space that is never fully utilized. And as wood cabinetry generally doesn't perform as well outdoors, especially if the space is partially covered or uncovered, Danver's line of outdoor kitchen cabinets can provide the ultimate solution. Made of stainless steel and then powder coated for a paint or wood grain finish, these durable and attractive cabinet solutions will elevate your outdoor kitchen to luxury status. 


Any outdoor gathering worth its salt is going to spill over into the evening hours, which means your space won't be complete without lighting. Task lighting is especially important in cooking/prep areas while ambient lighting will bring an element of drama and sophistication to entertainment and social areas. Bocci's surface mounted Sconce luminaire is part of their 14 series. The 4”-high-by-2”-deep cast-glass hemisphere generates a subtle glow which is enhanced by grouping multiple sconces into clusters along the wall or ceiling surface. 

See other great outdoor living furnishings in a collection of 7 must haves by Residential Architect. 


Have an idea for an outdoor kitchen or living area of your own? Contact us to discuss your designs today.