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Friday, April 11, 2014

Kitchen Renovation Inspiration | Key Residential

Blomberg 4-Door Refrigerator
Remodeling magazine recently debuted a new product designed for the kitchens of the future but available today. The Blomberg Appliances' Four-Door French Door refrigerator offers a two-door upper refrigerator as well as a lower two-door freezer unit that is divided into 6 drawer compartments. 

A few unique and high-tech features are the Flexi Zone compartment, that can be adjusted from -10 degrees (F) to 50 degrees (F) for flexibility in food/beverage storage, and the Blue Light technology, allowing fruits and veggies to continue the photosynthesis process during refrigeration for increased freshness and higher nutrient retention. 

If this fancy fridge sparks your interest like it did ours, perhaps it's time to consider a kitchen update. Check out our Houzz ideabook with kitchens of all sizes and styles for a little renovation inspiration. 

Click to see our full collection of  kitchens on Houzz.

If you found some ideas for a stunning and functional kitchen, contact us to discuss your project today!